Unstuck your chess. Skyrocket your rating.🚀

Quit repeating the same mistakes, fast-track your chess growth, and become more confident as a player,
every single day. 

Are you feeling...

Overwhelmed by chess resources?

So many videos, books, and courses out there. So why is it still so hard to improve? Feels like a total information overload in your brain.

Stuck at the same rating for too long?

You play chess almost every day. You've tried puzzles, books, and Youtube. But it feels like you're getting nowhere. Argh!

Frustrated by a specific chess problem?

Feels like this isn't happening to anyone else - except you! You're trying to just "push through it," but it doesn't work.

I can help. Here's why.

I was once in your shoes. I was a beginner who got crushed by strong players and just couldn't compete on any level. But slowly, I learned what works, what doesn't, and why. And I'm here to save you countless mistakes and possibly thousands of hours by teaching you everything I know about chess and real chess improvement. I'm here to help you effortlessly reach your chess goals and have enormous amount of fun while doing it. Because we both know winning that crucial game is the best feeling in the whole world.

What's included in the coaching:

◻️ Your personalized coaching plan
◻️ Recorded 60-minute classes (Yes, you get access to lessons forever!)
◻️ Homework to seriously sharpen your chess understanding
◻️ Mini list of a few key takeaways from the class
◻️ Satisfaction surveys to boost your learning experience (Yes, I’ll literally make the classes even better as we go.)
◻️ Access to me almost anytime (Questions, help with lessons, you name it.)
◻️ A brutally honest assessment of your game

Here's what my students (now friends) say 😊

I used to have a big problem with playing a game of chess, I had a lot of nervousness. Goran showed me his openings and simply persuaded me to play more aggressively. I listened to it and guess what? I started jumping in chess with rating points. For the first time then I started to beat players with IM and GM titles and I can't describe how grateful I am to Goran.

Dino Marković

How is my coaching different?

Typical coaching Interactive Chess Coaching
❌Boring monologue lessons
✅Fun, interactive lessons
❌Abstract, vague advice
✅Advice coming from examples
❌Easily forgotten, no recordings
✅Always recorded, access to lessons forever
❌All students get the same lessons
✅Highly personalized to each student
❌Not worth the high price point

Why you'll love working with me

You’ll ENJOY this.

I design my classes as boredom antidotes. I don’t want you dozing off like a sloth on a hammock. So I’ll make sure you not only learn but have fun while doing it.

You’ll stay on track.

I’m not just your coach. I’m your accountability partner. I’ll follow up with you, gently push you to do your homework, and make sure we’re always moving forward.

You’ll focus on what really matters.

You can finally stop thinking about how to improve. That's my job now. I’ll craft a plan tailored to YOU. So you can focus on what matters. So you can focus on CHESS, and chess only.

You’ll feel comfortable with me.

Like we’re old friends. Relaxed dialogue. Welcoming atmosphere. Patient guidance. A safe space for you to learn and grow your confidence as a chess player.

Ready to seriously boost your chess skills?